How To Use Tinder without Facebook

Tinder as you know is a popular dating app which is available for both iOS and Android. This makes the app accessible to everyone & really versatile. The app works by suggesting users with people who have the same interests, allowing communication between different people with same interests all over the world. Tinder works with the help of location based selection of the people nearly with same mutual interest like you.This has made the tinder one of the best dating app till date.Tinder uses your Facebook account to find the person of the same interest around your location. This has been disliked by many users as it may leak unwanted information. And because of this many people have stopped using Tinder.

Apart from this, there are lots of people who don’t like to use Facebook or like to use dating apps without Facebook. In fact, there are people who like to browse tinder anonymously. So what would they do? Won’t they be able to use Tinder? Well, there are a few ways which would help them in accessing Tinder without Facebook. And I will be providing you with these ways down below. But before preceding to that let me provide you with some basic information about Tinder.

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Something About Tinder

Tinder was initially launched in the year 2012 and till date, Tinder has seen a huge group of people installing the app. With over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store itself, Tinder has over 1.6 Billion users worldwide. Unlike many other dating apps, tinder needs access to your Facebook account to get people with similar interests and location. And like many other dating websites, tinder too doesn’t have its own sign in system.So before you learn how to use Tinder without Facebook, let us have a look why Tinder uses your Facebook to Sign in.

Why User Needs to Sign in to Tinder With Facebook?

There are indeed a few valid reasons why Tinder uses Facebook to sign up, few of them have been mentioned below.

  • Linking Tinder with Facebook offer the user less stress of uploading photos. Tinder simply picks the users Facebook profile picture and sets it as Tinder profile picture.
  • The access of Facebook account and all the users’ details prevents abusing. Users can easily see the other users Facebook account and other details making it easier for people to understand people better.
  • Sign in process is no longer lengthy as Tinder grabs all the information it needs from the users Facebook account.

This is why linking Tinder with Facebook can be a great thing for a pleasant user experience. But you need to keep in mind all the negative aspects & facts that makes users annoyed too.

Why User don’t Want to Link Tinder with Facebook?

These are most obvious reasons why I think a Tinder users would never link their Facebook account with Tinder.

  • The very first thing that should come to your mind while you are creating or linking any account with each other is the privacy. As Tinder is linked with Facebook, if someone gets access to your Tinder or Facebook account then they can also expose/manipulate all your information online.
  • Linking Facebook and Tinder will create an auto synchronisation between both these Websites, which means your existing photos on Facebook and the any new photos that you upload will automatically be accessible from Tinder. A dating app even when signed up with Facebook should definitely avoid such feature.
  • Your contact info is exposed if you link Tinder with Facebook. When Tinder links to Facebook, it gets access to all the contacts in your friends list. You would definitely want to avoid it as you may come across people whom you won’t want to meet on a dating site.

And these are the reasons why you should avoid Signing up to Tinder using a Facebook account. So now let us learn how to use Tinder without Facebook.

(NOTE: It isn’t completely possible to not open a Tinder account without signing into a Facebook account but you can easily limit Tinder from accessing your Facebook info without your permission.)

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

Method 1:

This first method works to avoid any leak of information that you don’t want tinder to expose. You can do it simply by increasing your Facebook privacy. To do that, simply follow the steps given below.

  • First you need to login into your Facebook account.
  • Now click on the “Lock” Icon tab and then on the “See More”settings option.

  • You should be able to see the Apps option on the 3rd margin of the setting. Click on “Apps” tab and you should be able to see all the apps that you have used Facebook to sign in into. Click on Tinder.
  • Now you need to change the “App Visibility” to avoid leaking of data without your permission. Select the “Only Me” option in the App Visibility.

And that’s it, now Tinder will not read your Facebook posts and data. So, anything you share on Facebook from now on will not be accessible from the Tinder app.

Method 2:

The last & the most obvious way to use Tinder without exposing all your information is to open a secondary Facebook account. Using the new Facebook account you can manage your new tinder account with leaking and providing the info you really want to share through the new Facebook account.Go to and create a new account by providing your own name, DOB and other information. But with this account you will only be sharing information that you want to display on your tinder account.

Final Words

Without a doubt tinder is a great app and I hope that it would keep being great in the future too but using tinder without is not possible. If the above mentioned steps are not satisfactory for then you are living in a dream world. I would like to repeat again that “Tinder without Facebook Accounts not possible.”But what can we do about that? Nothing!! We can only hope that in the near future this love bondage between Tinder and Facebook would be over. Hopefully, then we would be able to use Tinder anonymously. Do leave your questions below.

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