Top 10+ Best Root Apps for Android 2017

Rooting has become a necessity in today’s Android devices to avail certain features. Well, it was bound to happen as all Smartphone makers don’t provide full access to the smartphones. And full access is quite necessary for getting the best out of the smartphones. Rooting is process that allows you to get full access to your smartphones core functions. This will let you customize your smartphone the way you see fit. With this your smartphone will also have enhanced performance, enhanced battery power, etc. There are lots of perks of rooting smartphones. Well, nearly all apps can be used on a rooted device. But some apps are developed for rooted devices only. It best if you use those apps on your device.

In fact, I sure that you have already tried a bunch of these apps and those were of no use. But don’t worry I will be providing you a list of solutions. Here, I will be discussing about the top 10 Best Root Apps for Android which will be perfect for rooting your Android Smartphone. The apps mentioned in this list are quite trustworthy and they won’t damage your smartphone. So check out the list down below.

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Top 10+ Root Apps For Android Smartphone 2017

Root Browser:

Root browser is one of the most powerful root apps and for this it has been placed on the top of the list. It is a file management tool that targets only rooted android device. The root app provides you access to the core functions of the smartphone. Copy/Cut/Move or Paste any files in any folder of your memory storage. Compressing multiple numbers of documents into a single file document can be done with these app. Search options of APK or ZIP files in Root Browser are also available. You can also install zips with the help of clockwork recovery.

Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is a root app that gives you full access and control over the permissions of your android phone. Remove the unwanted apps that appear on the mobile screen when your mobile data is turned on. Create data backup of your phone apps and many other files. You can remove the copyright by cracking the app purchases of Play Store.Gaining access to control the behavior of the installed apps or games on your Android device is quite possible. Hacking the resources of the game like Gold coins or free gems and many others can also be done. It also saves your battery life from getting drained making it last longer.


Greenify is a must have app that allows you to hibernate any app that is running in background of your phone. It collects the data by accessing deep folders of your phone. It is easy to use and provides you longer battery life than before. It automatically detects who woke the hibernated application or optionally cut of the wake-up path. Greenify has also been provided with the features of wake-up time coalescing. Along with these features it also improves the performance of your phone.

Titanium Backup Root:

Titanium Backup Root is an amazing root app developed for android devices. Starts making some file backups to restore files for when you lose an app accidentally. All the files contents and documents of your phone will be protected. You can keep multiple backups on the basis of per application. Backing up or restoring your SMS/MMS/Calls or Bookmarks is also possible. You can also sync to Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Integrating the system application updates into ROM can be done with the help of this app.

Quick Boot:

Quick Boot is a root app the makes the reboot process simple to perform on your Android phone. Option to reboot your device in normal mode is available and you can also select the recovery mode. The app is quite easy to use and can root your device in just one click.Widgets are provided on the home screen of your phone with the option to reboot the phone.Select the reboot options like normal reboot, safe mode and recovery reboot.Fast boot mode is also available for the compatible devices.

Disk Digger:

Disk Digger is a unique app that helps to recover your images and other files in your memory storage. Suppose you have deleted photo by mistake or have lost data while attempting to update apps, you don’t have to worry just get the files using Disk Digger App on your phone. It is one of the best root apps for android. It is very simple to use, as it has been designed with a simple user interface. This app helps you recover several files in JPG and PNG formats as well. It requires a very less time to recover any lost data or media files.

SD Fix – Kit Kat Writable Micro SD:

SD Fix – Kit Kat Writable Micro SD works by modifying the configuration settings in your Android device. It allows the application to write into the internal MicroSD Card of your phone. Apart from that the root app allows you to easily fix all the MicroSD writing problems. It helps you to figure out the device configuration file.This app also solves all the specific type of problems that you face on your rooted device.It is Advantageous for those android users with a user-installed Micro SD card on the phone. Apart from that, it also allows you to restore the capacity that Kit Kat snatches away easily by changing a line into one single configuration file.


Dumpster is a free photo and video restoring app that works like recycle bin on android. This app is very beneficial for the people who have faced data lost or loss of important files. If you are one who has face the accident then Dumpster will help you recover all the files. Without any effort you can save the files back to your device. You can also retrieve the important lost media files right away. The Automatic clean mode is available.

ROM Toolbox Lite:

ROM Toolbox Lite is one of the important root apps that you must keep in your rooted device. It is a combination of different apps into one monster app built with a simple user-interface. This application works only on devices with the root permission. You can install ROMs, themes, AOKP and CyanogenMod with many others. Creating, Managing or Restoring Android backups are available with this app. Back up facilities with restoration of text messages or accounts or bookmarks is available


Flashily root app allows you to boot your images or recover images and zip files immediately. The app is safe to use and backs up all types of files from the local storage and cloud storage using automatic sync. Flash boot to recover photos without the involvement of recovery mode is available in this app. Flash zip files with several options to wipe out the cache or data using TWRP recovery is also there. You can also automatic Loki patch mode option when it is required. Backup files or restore options to recover files with the use SD card and other ways.

Device Control:

Device Control works very well in a rooted device, and it helps you to control the arrangement of the files in your device. It provides you facilities such as Tasker, editors, app managers, wireless file managers, etc. Boost the performance of your Android Device and makes it smooth to perform. Specific features such as Knock-On or vibration strength or screen color temperature and LCD power has been provided as well. You can monitor the CPU and also the temperature of the battery.

Final Words

These are the top Roots Apps for Android devices that you can use in your phone. If anything goes wrong during the rooting process, there is a chance that it may wipe out your entire phone data. So make sure that you have backed up your data before rooting your device. Also be extra careful while rooting your device as this can seriously damage your smartphone. Use a good rooting app for rooting your device.

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