Top 12+Best Free Music Downloads Apps For Android

In need of Music download app? If you are then you probably love to listen to music continuously. And as you know listening to songs will refresh your mind and will help you to relax yourself. People love to enjoy songs anytime and anywhere. Nowadays there are many ways that will help you to listen to songs. One is online streaming and the other is downloading. Most of the music loving people love to download the song and store it on their external storage. So they can listen to their favorite songs whenever they want it. And for that music apps are introduced. Hundreds of song downloading apps is available now that can help you for downloading songs and store it on your device.

But you can’t rely on every app that flashes as music downloading app.Some of these apps might be quite harmful for your device. In fact there have been lots of reports in this matter. Here in this post I will provide you with the list of apps through which you can download your favorite music and listen to them whenever you want. These apps are very reliable and won’t damage your device in any possible way.

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List of Best Free Music Downloads Apps For Android

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader:

SuperCloud is the best downloader available to download songs but this app is not available on the play store. Only you have to type in the name of the artist, song or album in the search box to download any song through this application. Listen to music on this app via online streaming is also possible. The songs you listen online are free and you can check the quality before downloading. You can use this app for the older versions of Android OS too. The user interface of this app is also very easy to use. It is a relevant app for downloading song on your Android devices.

Wynk Music:

Wynk Music is the most used application for downloading music online. It is used by many people around the globe and has downloads over 10. Wynk is not for free and only for the first 30 days you can use this app. But if you are using Airtel then you will get to use it for free for 6 months. You can listen to music online without downloading. So use this app for 1 month free subscription and get best music for free.


It is another best free music download app which is suitable for your Android phone for downloading music. It was available on Google Play Store but you it not available anymore. You have to click on the search button located at the bottom right corner and then search with the name or artist or album of the song that you want to download. And in the search result click on the name of the song and download it. It has anin-built music player through which you can play music from this app after downloading the song. You can also listen to music via online streaming without downloading it.

Google Play Music:

It is among the best apps that you can use for downloading music. It has a huge collection of songs and its database is regularly updated. You can get access to more than 50000 songs and can subscribe to its podcasts. Google Play Music has a smart recommendation feature which will provide you music according to the taste of yours. This app comes with a trust factor because it is developed by Google. So use it and explore the world of music through it.

iTube Music:

It is the most popular music app used to download music online. This app allows you todo both online music streaming and download. You can search your songs through genres or you can go to the search option for getting the song quickly. This app will run on Android 4.1 or above. It has a huge database of songs and is regularly updated. You will get this app for free and there are no in app purchases in it.


It is another app through which you can download music easily but has been removed from the Play Store. You can download the Apk file of the app from any website. This app can download mp3 songs with high quality without paying any cost. Many mention it as one of the advanced app for downloading music. You have to go to the search box and type in the name of the song, artist or album that you are going to download. Now you can download the song from the searched result.

MP3 Music Download:

This is a reliable app for downloading free music. This app has an easy to use user interface with some amazing features. In it the downloading could go on in the background even if the app is closed. You can make ringtones in this application and also download multiple songs at a time. You have to search with the name of the song on the search box provided and it will provide you the song immediately. You could listen to the song online before downloading it.


It is another popular free online songs streaming app that runs well on your Android devices. With this app you can download the favourite mp3 songs by using the save as feature. You will get some ads in the free version of this app or you can pay to get rid of those. You can select your song by choosing your genres or you can search by the name of the songs, artists or albums. Due to its usefulness it has many users all over the world.


It is the most popular app available for listening to music by streaming online and in this app you can also download your favourite songs. The only drawback of this app, that you cannot play these songs with other mp3 player. You have to use the Gaana in built player to play the downloaded song. It was actually developed as an online streaming app for songs but recently the developers has added the download option to it. Mostly you can get Hindi songs through this app but you will also get some collections of English and other languages songs in this app.

Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro:

It is among the most popular music downloading apps available for free. This app also has a search option which enables you to search music according to your choice. It has an in-built music player through which you can listen to music. With this you can set any downloaded music track as your ringtone. But some people think that this app is a bit slow. But you can use it as an mp3 downloader.


It is a very popular app which enables you to download songs for your Android device for free. It has a huge collection of mp3 songs which is about 30 million tracks or more. In this app there will be no irritating ads that will disturb you while listening to music. This app is also loaded with many amazing features such as music match. This app will only run in Android 4.0.4 or more and this app is available in more than 30 countries for use.

Copyleft MP3 Downloader:

You may be searching for a music downloader app that will provide you with free songs download. Copyleft MP3 Downloader is a very relevant app for that purpose. This app can be accessed by music player or file manager easily. Searching any song with this app is very easy and the quality of the song is also quite good. Only you have to go to the search option and search with name of the song, artist or album and this app will find you the song instantly. You can listen to your favourite songs via online streaming. This app is not available at Google Play Store.

Music Download Elite:

Music download elite is another app that will help you to download music on your Android device. Sometimes this app crashes and because of that I have listed it at last on my Top 12 best free music download for Android. If you want to give it a try then you can use this application for downloading music.

Final Words

The above mentioned list contains some of the most trusted apps with which you can download music. Some of the apps don’t let you download music to your device storage and play with other apps. But you can still listen to the downloaded music on the apps in which they have been downloaded. If it were up to me, then I would recommend you to use 4Shared. In fact, I am using this app too. Well, in the end it’s your choice. So, choose accordingly and listen to music as long as you want.

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