How To Extend or Reset Trial Period Of Any Software

If you are here to read how to reset the trial period of any software then I am sure that you are annoyed by all the trial period warning that pops up while running any of your favorite software. There are 2 different types of software that you would hate to use, one would be the software trial version which would come with a life time usage but with missing features and the other one being the software which would have all the features that anyone would love but comes with a trial period of just 15 or 30 days. There was a time when you would simply use the full featured trial version software with less trial period by simply changing the PC date to a period before the software was installed.

This was really fun until some of the software which was really famous and was used in such way was tweaked by the developers to detect such change in OS time and thus making time changes invalid. One would have to thing a 100 times about searching for a crack or 3rd party serial number to activate the software as upon detection, the software would get banned from ever being working on the same PC. And when it comes to purchasing the full version or a year version, it would be a hard choice as they would cost a lot.

Resetting the Trial Period of the Software:

There are 2 effective methods to reset/extend a software trial period, these 2 method are through deleting the time registry and through using a time stopping software. Let’s us get started with the most obvious way of using your expired software by deleting the registry data of the expired software.

Method 1: Resetting the Trial Period of a Software by Deleting the Registry Data:

Follow this step to remove the trial software data every time the trial expires. This is an easy process and won’t take much time to turn your expired software to reusable over again. Simply follow the steps that I have mentioned below and you will be able to successfully remove all the trial software that you want to use again and again.

Before you go ahead with the step, uninstall the software that you are going to work on to extend its usability.

Step 1: First you will need to click on the “Start” menu which is located on the Left lower bottom corner for all Windows users.

Step 2: Click on the “Search Bar” and then simply type in “regedit” (Registry Editor) without the quote and then hit “Enter”.

Step 3: Now you will be asked for a confirmation to open the Registry Editor, click on “Yes”.

Step 4: Now that the Registry Editor has been launched, click on the “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT”.

Step 5: By clicking on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, you will be able to see all the software that is installed on your device.

Step 6: Now you will need to go through the list of the folders and find the software that which has the trial version ended. The folder of the software will either be named as the full name of the software or with initial of the software name, you have to go thoroughly to find the folder containing the data.

Step 7: After you have found the folder, simply click on it and delete it. And close the Registry Editor.

Clear any Temporary file related to the software. To do that simply click on the Windows Start-up, go to search and type in %temp% and hit enter. You will be directed into a folder namely Temp. Delete all the files in the folder.

NOTE:If you want to renew multiple software then I recommend you do it one by one. For instance, delete for reg file of the antivirus then restart your PC then find the other software reg file and delete it. This is really important as deleting multiple reg files together can crash the software.

This is how you can use the Registry Data to reuse an expired trial version software. Now if you are not going to use this method or this method isn’t suitable for you in any way, you can choose the method 2 which involves using a software to keep using a trial version software for a long time.

Method 2- Using Run As Date Software to Extended Trial Period of Software:

Now we will be using a Software to tweak with the expiration of the software date. For this purpose you will need a software namely, NirSoftRunAsDate. The NirSoftRunAsDate works exactly the old time when you used to change the date of your Operating System to make the expired software usable again. But with NirSoftRunAsDate, you will no longer need to change any date, all you need to do is install the software and use it to specify the date for the expired software. The best thing about the NirSoftRunAsDate is that, you can use this single app for multiple time expired software at the same time.

If the expiry time again runs out, you can simply reset with a new timing for the same software. NirSoftRunAsDate is one of the best software in this category, I recommend you use this software to reset trial period software.

For example; You can activate the Anti Virus trial period say from March 2017  and use February 2017 for a different software. You can further utilize the NirSoftRunAsDate with more software, setting different time period for different software at the same time without changing your default time.

Download Run As Date

Final Words

There you have it, this is how you can reset trial period of Software easily. These 2 methods are really efficient and with all the guided & easy steps, you can efficiently utilize all the features of the trial software for a long time by simply resetting the trial period of the software that you want. Hope this 2 method will be helpful with every trial software that you want to reset, saving you a lot of money and time without losing the efficiency of the trial software.

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