How To Fix Taskbar Not Working In Windows 10

For these digital days, computers or PC is much needed in most parts. There are lots of people who need to work with their PC. And they will know how frustrating it is when in the middle of your task your Windows Taskbar does not respond to the cursor interaction. It can swing your good […]

How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Nowadays we do save our files or folders like photos or videos, or any other files in hard drive; let it be in the hard drive of your device or in the external hard drive. Before there is a practice that most people store their important files or folders in their Laptop or Desktop internal […]

How To Fix Start Menu Not working on Windows 10

The latest version of Windows, which is windows 10, comes with so many latest features and with all the latest upgrades. It’s been not so long time that windows 10 officially launched for PC and laptops. People,who used the other versions on Windows before, felt good after using windows 10 especially for the return of […]