How To Fix Taskbar Not Working In Windows 10

For these digital days, computers or PC is much needed in most parts. There are lots of people who need to work with their PC. And they will know how frustrating it is when in the middle of your task your Windows Taskbar does not respond to the cursor interaction. It can swing your good […]

How To Know Who Unfollowed and Blocked You On Instagram

Have you encountered that when you followers drop down or when you try to view the posts of any of your friends and unable to get access on Instagram? Well, it happens due to two main reasons- If someone has unfollowed you and if someone has blocked you. Well it’s up to the users why […]

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from PC/Laptop/Pen drive

The word Virus is nothing new to us. Almost everyone has faced problems with virus on our PC/Laptop. Though there are different anti-viruses which can help you solve this problem but what if you get infected by a Shortcut virus? Did you ever face such situation where all your files and folders are in the […]

How To Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Often Facebook User wonders “How to know who viewed my Facebook Profile?” This type of question has become pretty common among the Facebook users and it is quite understandable, be it a male/female? They are always curious to know about who is checking his/ her boyfriend/ Girlfriend account and for how much time? And so […]

How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription Very Easily

You don’t need a television nowadays for watching your favorite shows, movies or series whenever you want. There are lots of free movie apps like  Popcornflix, Hotstar etc that you can download on your portable device like iPhone, Android and Tablets and watch your favorite movies or TV shows whenever you want. With these apps, you […]

How To Run Dual WhatsApp Account in One Phone

Everyone is quite well acquainted with WhatsApp. Well WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application available in the world at this very moment. And without a doubt it will continue to be same in the coming years. Well, I am quite sure that I don’t have to provide with all the details of WhatsApp, you […]

How To Extend or Reset Trial Period Of Any Software

If you are here to read how to reset the trial period of any software then I am sure that you are annoyed by all the trial period warning that pops up while running any of your favorite software. There are 2 different types of software that you would hate to use, one would be […]

How To Use Tinder without Facebook

Tinder as you know is a popular dating app which is available for both iOS and Android. This makes the app accessible to everyone & really versatile. The app works by suggesting users with people who have the same interests, allowing communication between different people with same interests all over the world. Tinder works with […]

How To Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Are you among those who are very curious to know who and how many has visited your Instagram profile? Then I must say this article is only for you. There are lots of people across the globe who are using Instagram to share their pictures and videos which make this platform one of the most […]

How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Nowadays we do save our files or folders like photos or videos, or any other files in hard drive; let it be in the hard drive of your device or in the external hard drive. Before there is a practice that most people store their important files or folders in their Laptop or Desktop internal […]