Top 10+Best Free Launcher Apps For Android 2017

If you are an Android user and bored of seeing the same old launcher then here are some of the best launcher apps for your Android device. With every new upgraded version of Android they provide you with a different look of the launcher and some time the Smartphone provides their own UI. But using it for a long time could be boring and device will become old for you.But it is not possible for everyone to go for a new phone every time. So, if you could change the existing launcher with a different one then the phone will come to life again and it will look interesting to you again.

But since you are looking for top launchers, I am quite sure that you have already used a bunch of them. And none of them were appealing to you. Well, it’s quite hard to come across good launchers. Most of them don’t have god color schemes or some technical problems are there within these. But don’t worry as I will be providing you with some of the best launchers available. Down below I have listed the Top 10 best launcher apps for Android 2017. These launcher apps will provide you with a new look to your user interface.

Top 10+ Best Launcher Apps for Android 2017 For Customization

NOVA Launcher

The Nova launcher is among the fastest android launcher that you can get for your Android device. It will provide you control over the customization of your Home screen. You can change the icon, applying layouts and animation effects. In Google Play Store you can get some amazing themes for this launcher. You can back up the new settings and Data with the restore and backup feature provided in this launcher. All apps of your device are available in the app drawer of Nova launcher. The background tabs, folders icons are customizable in this app. One of the best features of this app is that it will not hamper your phone and everything will run smoothly.

ZENUI Launcher

The ZenUI launcher enables you to change the appearance of the apps and themes in whatever way you want. Here you can change the wallpaper according to your choice and the app icons can also be customized. You will get various types of font styles available for the apps and widgets in your device. The app lock feature provided helps you to secure your device from getting in to wrong hands. If you want to keep some apps hidden from other then you can use the ‘Hide App’ feature. It is also available for free on Google Play Store.


It’s another launcher that will help you to change the user interface of your device by giving it a different and interesting look. The interface of this launcher enables you to move through different apps easily. The design of the interface is very simple and handy to use. If you scroll horizontally then it will show the app list screen to screen and vertically you will get every app on the same page. The app drawer, apps and font style can be customized through it. In also contains the disable item menu that you can access while using the app drawer. So it is an amazing app that you can use in your device for a change in interface.

SMART Launcher 3

It comes with lots of features and is used by many people around the globe. You can password protect any app or can hide it, so that any other person won’t be able to use it. Due to a simple and clear interface many of the Smartphone users prefer using this launcher. All the related apps can be stored in the smart drawer. It has a flat surface detection mode, so whenever you put the phone on a flat surface the screen lights will automatically go off. The notifications will be displayed on the lock screen.

GO Launcher Z

It is an amazing launcher that is used by many people and when you use it that you can see the difference. In it you will get more than 10000 different themes to use along with this launcher. The response rate of your Android device will be enhanced with the Smart app management present in it. You can also use some animation effects in it so that it would appear more beautiful. The hiding feature helps you to hide any particular app from unauthorized user or you can also lock any app with security password.

BUZZ Launcher

In this launcher you will get a wide range of cool wallpapers and many amazing themes. To change them you need to long press the home screen. You can give the home screen of your device a different look by customizing it. In this launcher you can use different types of useful widgets such as weather, clock, date, etc. One of the finest features is that by using the Buzz Custom Widget you can make your own widget and this feature is absolutely available for free.

HOLA Launcher

With this launcher you can arrange all the apps alphabetically and the provided app search feature enables you to search for a particular app quickly. You can see the most used app by swiping your finger upward from the corner. There are more than 10,000 downloadable backgrounds, themes and fonts that you can use to change view of the apps. The notification will be shown on the home screen and a double tap will lock the phone automatically.

Action Launcher 3

It has many amazing features that make the user feel amazed while using it.  Here you can see the app which has been mostly used. In this launcher you can customize the home screen by using various wallpapers and you can select the colour of the wallpapers. You can even see the notifications of social networking sites without opening the application. So this is an application that you can use to give your interface a new look.


This is another great launcher with an easy to use and simple interface. This launcher is only available for the Android devices. All the apps are organised alphabetically in this launcher so that you can browse for apps easily. App suggestions have also been provided so that you can get to a particular app easily. So you can go with this app to give your Android device a new interesting look.

SOLO Launcher

This launcher comes with vast range of amazing themes and widgets. Here you can set a photo as the icon picture.The clean and boost feature enables you to clean the RAM memory thus making your device faster. The search function provided helps you to search for a particular app on your device quickly. There are many useful widgets available in this launcher such as search, battery saver, clock, etc.

Final Words

All these launchers have their own unique features and looks. You will get amazed while using each one of these on your device. So, make the interface of your Smartphone different by using these above mentioned launchers.Now, you might be quite confused about which launcher to go for. If it were up to me, I would probably suggest you to use all the launchers mentioned in the list. Just start using one after the other and keep reaping the benefit of these launchers. If you think I have missed out any good launcher, then do comment below and let me know.

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